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What if you could get all your wedding vendors on one website?

Now that you have gotten engaged it is time to plan your wedding.  There are so many wedding vendors to choose.  Which vendor will be the perfect one for your wedding.  A good place to start your search for wedding vendors are those listed in a professional organization like Lake of the Ozarks Wedding Association in which we are members.

Tracy and I remember back when we got married there was no central place for us to go and get all the wedding vendors we would need.  We had to look them up in the “yellow pages,” yes you read that right! Kind of dates us doesn’t it.  Anyway, oh how convenient it is to have Lake of the Ozarks Wedding Association to take care of all your wedding needs all on one website.

Another bonus is you are able to visit with most of these premier lake wedding vendors at the Wedding Expo held in January.  At this expo the vendors will display their products and describe their services in detail, offer valuable deals to couple who book with them.  Plus, there will be PRIZES from our vendors.  Last year a couple won an awesome honeymoon vacation!!! Several couples won engagements session and a lot of other free stuff.

What is the benefit of hiring a member of Lake of the Ozarks Wedding Association?  First, all of the members of the association have a lot of experience in the wedding industry.  These businesses are all about providing luxury services to the couples who hire them.  All members have wonderful working relationships.  This is important especially on your wedding day.  You definitely want the DJ and photographer communicating so the reception schedule goes as planned and you get the must have photos at your reception.

A second benefit of hiring a professional from Lake of the Ozarks Wedding Association is that all of the businesses are legit!  If they were not we would tar and feather them, just kidding, maybe?  For instance, the photographer you hire should have a backup camera. Cameras do break.  We have heard of this happening before, where the photographer’s camera broke at the wedding and they did not have a backup.

Finally, when you hire a professional wedding vendor it makes things a lot easier and less stressful for you!  Who does not like easy and less stress!

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