Using your engagement images for your wedding

In this blog post we will discuss a few different ways of using your engagement images for your wedding and working with your wedding photographer during the engagement session.

One of the best ways of using your engagement images for your wedding are for save the date cards and/or wedding day invitations. Your photographer should be able to order these types of cards for you or you could make your own. Either way your guest will be delighted when they see your beautiful cards with your engagement photos announcing your wedding.

If you want some great decorations for your wedding look no further than your engagement session images from your photographer. These will look amazing. Let’s look at an examples of how some of our couples have used their images as a decoration. Imagine your guest walk into your reception and the first image that greets them is a large movie poster print of you and your fiance’ embracing while the sun is setting. Think 24×36 or 20×30 inches. The caption on the poster reads, “Our Love Story: The Beginning, with your names as the starring roles.” What a beautiful and memorable way to greet your guest. Further, you can then disperse the other favorite engagement session images around the guest sign in, at the cake table, at your ceremony entrance, etc.

Kendra and Zach Lake of the Ozarks Wedding Decorations

Another idea you could use is to put the engagement images into an album for guest to sign. This makes a beautiful heirloom piece that will allow you to look back on all the wonderful guests at your wedding. Further, we have had couples do an engagement session and then order a Legacy Box from us. The legacy box is made in Italy by Graphi Studio. The cover and box is Italian leather. An image from your wedding is printed on the leather cover. The box holds fifteen 8×10 inch matted prints. The couples who have ordered the legacy boxes from us have taken several of the matted prints of the engagement session to the wedding.  The guest sign the mats and then frame them to display in their home.

Having an engagement session before your wedding will give you a chance to work with the photographer who will be with you at your wedding all day. Why is this important? When you get to know the photographer and he gets to know you, you will become more comfortable with him taking your pictures. The photographer will get to know your style more in depth. In addition, you will also get to know his style of posing. These two things combined will make your wedding images look more natural.  More natural images will equal amazing images for your album! Check out some of our favorite images from engagement sessions on our PORTFOLIO for some inspiration.



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