Heirloom Album: The perfect way to tell your family’s story

An Heirloom Album is the perfect way to tell your family’s story through pictures.

Just the other day I walked into our living room and saw our twins, Ian and Noah, on the couch looking at one of our vacation story books.  The boys were saying to one another, “I remember the big Frisbee on the beach.” Noah said, “I remember hunting for shark’s teeth.” This made me smile.  It was a validation of why we love to tell the stories of our vacations and life through pictures. The book they were looking at was from our trip to Savannah Georgia to see good friends. These pictures were taken at Jeckyl Island. What a wonderful vacation.

Story books do not have to be of vacations.  They can be pictures from a wedding, high school senior session, a family photography session, or a journalistic family lifestyle shoot.  Sometimes our lives get so busy we forget how genuinely wonderful the little things in life are.  Those brief moments of laughter when your child does something funny may be forgotten the next day.  The everyday life responsibilities, like cooking breakfast as your children are at the table watching, go unnoticed and are lost to us. However, it is those responsibilities that tell our story completely.

These unscripted everyday moments are some of the moments that we want to tell through pictures.  Don’t get me wrong, we love the posed pictures too. They provide you with the memory of how your child or loved one looked at the time it was taken.  However, there is something about images that are more journalistic in style that evokes more emotions.  I believe these images show more of the human spirit.  These images are real life storytelling images that show raw emotions of you and your children.

You may want to consider choosing both portraits and the journalistic family lifestyle sessions.  This works well in an album.  First we would do a family portrait session with your family.  This would help us build rapport with all of you so when we do come to your home to do a lifestyle session you all would be somewhat familiar with us.  After the sessions we could start to build your storybook album starting with images from the family session and ending with the images from your lifestyle session.  Imagine, 10 years from now, you walk in the living room and see your children looking at the albums reminiscing about the years gone by! Priceless!




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