Tips to help you make the most of your wedding photography

One of the most important days of your lives is about here.  Your Photographer is a professional and you love his work.  This is why you hired him.  But you are nervous on how you will look in the photographs.  Do not be.  Here are some tips to help you make the most of your wedding photography so you will have epic images for your wedding.

Project Obscura Beautiful Bride by G&T Northrip Photography

Relax and forget your photographer is even there with you at the wedding.  Have fun!!  We have had couples who have forgotten we were even at the wedding at times.  This is great.  It means that you are having fun.  The pictures will look more natural when you relax and enjoy yourself.  If you are constantly looking for the photographer, smiling when you see him, all your pictures will look unnatural and posed.  There is a time and place for the posed pictures. When it comes time for posed family photos or your creative couples photos your photographer will let you know.  Simply follow the directions they give you for the poses.

Black & White Romance

When you meet your photographer for your consultation make sure you share the style of photography you like.  I am sure you have checked out their website and liked many of the images.  Let your photographer know which ones you like.  This way they have an idea of what style you like and can photograph your wedding accordingly.

Everyone wants to have beautiful pictures of their wedding day.  We want to help you get those images. To this end, after you have said your “I do’s”, had the reception, your decorations will be gone, your bouquet will fade, your dress will be put away, the food and the cake eaten, the DJ and the party a distant memory.  So, what will be left? The images that your photographer took. This is what will be left.  Every picture will tell a story.  Your wedding story book designed by your photographer will be priceless.



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