Travel Images

The Adventures

We absolutely love to travel. Whether it be in state, out of state or anywhere for that matter. Our twin boys have been everywhere with us. They too love a travel adventure. We took them whitewater rafting in Montana's famed Gallatin River with class four rapids when they were 8 years old. They have been on a hot air balloon crashing along the desert floor, wow! Within this page you will get a glimpse into our travels with them. Our adventures is what got us started in photography and eventually open G&T Northrip Photography. We bought a camera to tell our story in Alaska. We continue that story today and want to share our love of story with the rest of the world.

Mountain on a glacier lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park Family Portrait

Mountain Lodge, Glacier National Park

Looking Out at Beauty, Glacier National Park

The Reflection, Glacier National Park

Family Rowing Adventure, Glacier National Park

The Uni-Goat, Glacier National Park

Dramatic Climb, Jeckyl Island, Georgia

Family Beach Sunrise

Hunting Sharks Teeth

Frisbee, Driftwood Beach

Dramatic Sky, Jeckyl Island

Windows, Jeckyl Island