Posing like a pro to make your wedding and engagement images look amazing – Part 3

This is the last blog in the series on Posing.  So, let’s get started with Tips for posing to make your wedding and engagement images look amazing.

A great way to get natural looking images from and engagement session is movement.  During your session with us we will have you and your fiancé hold hands.  Then we ask you to walk either towards or away from the camera while talking and laughing with each other (see image below). At the end of the walk we ask them to turn hold each other and kiss.  We always ask beforehand if you are comfortable with kissing shots.  Having the couple walk is usually one of the first poses we do that way it sets the tone of the whole session and our couples are more relaxed.  Once you are more relaxed we will move on to more intimate poses.

Intimate posing is probably the hardest of all poses.  People regard intimacy as something to be done in private.  So they are hesitant to pose in front of others. This is why it is hard to pose and coach people to be intimate.  Being intimate can mean many different things to people.  For us, being intimate means being close, a soft hug and a gentle passionate kiss, then maybe gentle caress of the cheek looking deeply into the others eyes while holding each other close.  Once we start working with you for a little while, you both will become relaxed and comfortable with us. Afterwards the intimate poses will be a piece of cake for you and your fiancé.  Therefore, your images will look natural and amazing.

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When we pose couples intimate we ask you to laser focus on the moment of being with the love of your life. Forget we are even here.   When you are close to your love simply rest your head on his chest, while he wraps his arms around you, and enjoy the moment while we capture this with our camera.  At this point we may ask you to snuggle close and move your fingers up to his chin gently pulling his chin towards you for a kiss.  Then maybe have you reaching up caressing his cheek, or him holding your cheeks softly while kissing you. Here are a couple examples of poses as it relates to this blog post.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog series tips for posing to make your wedding and engagement photos look amazing.



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