Posing like a pro to make your wedding and engagement images look amazing – Part One

Posing is an art form that takes practice to perfect.  However, with some simple posing tips for couples, posing becomes much easier.  This will make your images look natural and amazing. Here are some tips for posing like a pro to make your images look more natural.  Lets’ get started.

When posing for a picture your posture is important.  We ask our couples, when we pose them to stand with their back strait.  Just think of having a string that you pull up from the top of your head that will straiten your body.  Not too tense though as this will look unnatural.  Then move your shoulders back slightly to give an arch in the lower back.  The weight of your body should not be distributed evenly.  The weight should either be on your back foot or you could cross your legs.

Posing the hands and arms is very important for the images to look natural. Most people do not know what to do with their hands and arms when posing.  The tried and true method of putting one hand on your hip that is slightly accentuated and let the other hand touching the hair (as in the picture below) or fall across the mid-section is a classic pose.  In the next picture below I had the bride holding the bouquet with one hand and holding the veil with the other for a natural looking pose.

Project Obscura Beautiful Bride by G&T Northrip Photography

Next comes posing the face.  One pose that will look amazing is when the bride looks at the camera and the groom is looking at her (see image below) or vice versa. This creates a dynamic that focuses the eye on the bride when you are viewing the picture.  This pose will work great for your engagement session as well (see image below).

Bride and Groom Valley of Fire Project Obscura by G&T Norhtirp PhotographyValley of Fire Engagement Photo by G&T Northrip Photography

The next blog in this series is about trusting the photographer, our experience posing couples and how to make you images look amazing.



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