Prints or Digital Images? Things to consider

Do I need printed photography product or are digital image files the way to go?

Do you remember 8 track tapes of your favorite music?  They were all the rage in the late 70’s early 80’s!  Next came cassettes.  Or, how about floppy disks?  I used to have stacks of them!  They were the latest and greatest technology in the 90’s!  Then came CD’s and DVD’s.  But now they are going the way of floppy disks, extinct!  Now we have flash drives… and now flash drive type C which is yet a slightly different technology.  Then you have codes, clouds, etc…  Technology is like the times, “they are a changin.”  However, what has been constant throughout the last 125+ years has been prints.  They have remained the focus of photography even in the realm of digital photography.

Granted, digital files only has become more popular within the last several years.  There are more and more photographers who “shoot and burn,” meaning they will take your pictures and then hand you a flash drive of images.  That’s it.  This is fine if you want to print your own images.  However, just know there is a difference in print quality between a consumer lab print (i.e. Walgreen’s or Walmart, etc.) and professional lab fine art print (i.e. H&H Color Lab or Bay Photo, etc.).

With digital products there is also the possibility of loss.  Hard drives crash.  You can put them in the cloud, but they will remain out of sight, out of mind.  And I mean literally “OUT OF SIGHT.”  Not so with prints.

As a matter of fact.  We are not only a studio providing luxury photography services but also fine art printers.  We have a professional printer and use fine art papers and archival ink to print your photographs up to 24 inches wide by 6 feet or more in length if necessary.  The papers we use are 100% cotton rag paper and are of museum conservation quality.  These fine art prints you will be able to pass down to the next generation.  Should last you 100+ years without any real noticeable fading if taken care of.

There are so many other awesome products at professional labs.  We love the metal edge prints from H&H Color Lab.  This lab is in Kansas City and has been in business of making prints for 30+ years.  Their metals are vibrant and really stand out from all the other labs.  This is just one of the many of the great products they offer.

If it is printed  art products and digital files you are looking for we provide both as do a lot of other full services studios.  Our digital files are put on a custom flash drive.  One that has a lifetime warranty.  The flash drive comes with a custom box so that you have a nice elegant place to put your drive.  We also are able to order those boxes to hold both your flash drive and 4×6 or 5×7 inch prints.  We offer metal, canvases, albums and fine art prints.  All of our products are sourced from professional labs or we print ourselves so that we know the quality will be superior to last you for generations. The options are many.

We recommend getting both digital image files and fine art prints or products such as canvases or metal prints.  This way you can have the best of both worlds.  Get a few fine art prints, metal or canvases that are able to be passed down for generation to come and then digital images to print on your own for friends and family.



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