Tips and Consideration When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer Part Two

You’re getting married to your best friend in life.  The wedding will be absolutely amazing.  The last thing you need to worry about is how your images will look. This is why hiring a professional photographer is important.  Therefore, we have created a few more tips on and things to consider when hiring a wedding photographer.  If you did not read our first blog you can read it Right Here.

All of your images can be lost! Whaaat you say!  Hard drives can crash.  This is why the photographer you hire should back up your wedding images.  Cards in cameras fail and hard drives do crash.  A professional photographer should have cameras that have two card slots.  They should also back up your images at their studio on a separate hard drive.  This way they have you covered if catastrophe happens.

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Figure out what is important to you.  Then, please ask your potential photographer lots of questions. We do not mind.  For instance, maybe you want to hire a photographer who specializes in high end wedding story book albums so that you have images to pass down for generations.  This is a question for your photographer.  Some photographers have albums included in their collections, others do not but will have them available to purchase after the wedding.  If they do not have them in their wedding collections you may want to ask how much they would cost to purchase after the wedding.  So please ask questions relevant to what is important to you.  This will ensure you find the perfect wedding photographer.

After the wedding is done you may have many family members wanting images from you.  This can be very tedious and time consuming for you to go through a thousand images, then go get them printed and deliver them to family.  Therefore, a question you may want to ask the potential photographer you hire is if they have a gallery ordering system.  This way you can forward the galley to your family so that they will be able to order online saving you hours upon hours of time.

Stay tuned for part three next week.  If you missed the first blog you can find it HERE.

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