Tips and Considerations When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer – Part One

Your marriage is the start of something wonderful and bigger than yourself. There are so many aspects to planning your wedding.  One of the first things to do is set a budget.  After the budget you have to start looking for professional wedding vendors.  The one vendor you do not want to try to save money on is your wedding photographer.  After your wedding is over and time passes by, your memory will fade.  What you will have left is the images your photographer took.  These images will help you to remember the day you married your best friend in life.  You will be able to show your children and grandchildren where it all started.  You will leave your legacy to them. If this is important to you then you need to spend a lot of time and thought into looking for the best photographer within your budget.

Therefore, we have created this series of blogs, “tips and considerations when hiring your wedding photographer”, to help you hire the best photographer for your wedding.  This is the first blog in the series of three.


Make sure you like the wedding photographers work.  It would not make any sense to hire someone whose work you do not like.  Professional photographers will have a website for you to look at as well as social media business pages. When you find a photographer whose work you like one of the first questions to ask is if they have business insurance. All professional photographers should have insurance.  This protects you and the photographer.  Furthermore, there are some locations that require the photographer to show proof of insurance before they can photograph there.

The photographer you hire should provide a consultation at least once before your wedding.  These consultations last for about 30 minutes to an hour or more to go over the timeline of your wedding.  These planning sessions are very important so that everyone is on the same page.  Also, this will help the photographer meet your expectations in the photographs you desire and to carry out your vision for the day.  The photographer should have a wedding day photography timeline to help the wedding party and family know the flow of the day.  At G&T Northrip Photography, we do at least one consultation so that we know exactly your vision for your wedding day and to help us create your photographic wedding day timeline.

Please check in next week when we will post part 2 in this series.



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