Tips to take better pictures of your kids

Tips for taking better pictures of your children

Our kids grow up so fast.  Seems like one day they go from being in diapers to the next day being a teenager.  Tracy and I have twin boys, Ian and Noah.  They are a joy to us.  Over the years we have taken thousands and thousands of pictures of them.  Throughout this time, we have embarked on a photographic journey with countless hours of education from the best photographers in the world.

Mother and Father’s day is fast approaching so we thought we would share some of what we have learned.  So here are some tips to help you take better pictures of your children.  This is one part of a series of blogs that we are doing on taking better pictures of your children.  Join our VIP subscription email list below.

There are many different ways you can compose pictures with children.  The composing tips we share are not the end all.  When taking pictures of your children, be creative.  Take them when they are not looking and don’t suspect your taking their picture. Some of my favorite images of my children are the ones with natural frames.

You and I have been trained to view framed images since childhood.  From our family homes, offices to hotels they are everywhere. Therefore, it is natural for us to be drawn to photographs in which the person is framed in the image. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the environment to naturally frame your children.  You can look for doorways.  Especially those doorways that are colorful or doorways that are in brick buildings or older buildings which gives your pictures added character.  Another Natural way to frame a child would be with a window.  If you can find an old building with large open windows then that would be best. Your children could stand or sit in the open window(s) for the picture.

Childrens Picture of twins Savannah Georgia

Other things you can use are swings, slides, trees, actual picture frames, gates… etc.  Also, for newborns you can use baskets, suitcases, guitar cases, old wooden crates, metal crates… etc.  Use your imagination!  Now go take some pictures!

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