Top 5 tips for planning the wedding of your dreams – Guest Blog Post

Guest Blog Post Written By Wedding Coordinator Becki Collier

Tip one: Ask for Help!  Weddings in 2019 look different than they did in years past, they involve more people, there are more traditions, blended families are more the norm, larger wedding parties are involved.  All of these details require planning and execution.  As the bride, the last thing you should be doing is worrying about these details.  My biggest piece of advice is to find ONE person to handle ALL of the details.  This is where a wedding coordinator can be a great help and actually save money in the long run.  A wedding coordinator is not part of the family so they can remain focused on making sure you have the most wonderful day of your life without worrying about any of the details.  You can be confident that all of your plans will go off with a hitch, 😊 no pun intended.

Tip two: Make a budget….and set priorities.  You can have the wedding of your dreams and stay within your budget, you just have to plan accordingly.  My suggestion is that you first make a priority list – what things are most important to you?  The Dress?  The Venue? The Food? The Entertainment?  Once you have this list ask everyone that will be contributing financially to come to a meeting.  While you may feel the need to host an evening of food and entertaining for this meeting, it truly is best to keep this meeting as straight forward as possible so that everyone can leave with a clear picture of what their contribution will be.  During this meeting you and your fiancé need to share your vision and your priorities to those that are helping financially.  There are many wedding budget tools out there that can help steer this meeting.  While this meeting can feel a little overwhelming and awkward everyone will leave feeling relieved and clear about their commitments.  At this point it is imperative to stick to the budget and makes adjustments to line items, not the bottom line.  This will keep feelings from being hurt and financial strains from happening to anyone.Speeding boat wedding kiss





Tip three: Once a date is set book the BIG FOUR first –

  1. Venue – both for ceremony and reception
  2. Photographer
  3. Caterer
  4. Florist

Tip four: Photographer – CHOOSE WISELY!!  This is an area that many brides feel they can cut corners on….DON’T!  Once the wedding is over and you are settled into married life, the pictures are all you have left of your big day!  If this needs to be a larger budget item, then certainly feel confident in that decision.  I can’t tell you how many brides I have worked with that have regretted allowing “a friend that does it on the side” to photograph the most important day of their lives.  Hint – GT Northrip photography is awesome 😊.

Tip five: Remember to make your wedding about you and your Fiance.  Don’t feel like you have to ask your Aunt Betty’s granddaughter to be the flower girl or your best friend from high school to be a bridesmaid.  At the end of your amazing day you are going to have a spouse.  When planning gets stressful and you start to bicker, remember that THAT is the goal of all of this.  You have found the one that you want to spend your forever with so take this engagement time to dream big, enjoy the planning fun, and just remember to love each other!



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